Welcome to Save the Pines

This website is sponsored by Friends of the Pines, a grass roots group on Sanibel Island, Florida. Our goal is to help communities throughout Florida save their Australian pines from state-mandated eradication by offering materials/techniques with proven success, plus reports from municipalities that are struggling to preserve their pines. Our successful battle to save Australian pines on Sanibel has led us to believe that there is, indeed, strength in numbers.

Our purpose is to:

  • impede global warming by preventing destruction of deciduous, high canopy trees, such as Australian pines, which consume carbon dioxide, produce the oxygen that we breathe, and help cool our planet
  • protect habitat for native birds and other wildlife
  • prevail upon owners of tall trees to manage/maintain what remains of our high canopy
  • preserve the welcome shade provided by mature Australian pines


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